Jewelry Care

All Ellipsem Jewelry is deliberately uncoated. Because of this, the metal will naturally patina and age as you wear your jewelry. We encourage you to embrace this process, as it often leads to wonderful new depth and color.

However, if you prefer a shinier, newer-looking finish, don’t fret. For brass and copper pieces, you can use an old toothbrush and Bon Ami cleaning powder with water to polish back to near-original luster. Add a small amount of water to the powder to create a paste, and then polish the jewelry with the paste using the toothbrush. Additionally, standard jewelry polishing cloths can be used to polish all Ellipsem Jewelry. Please note: jewelry cleaning dips should not be used.

We will happily clean, repair or adjust any piece of Ellipsem Jewelry no matter how old or new it is. Contact Molly if you have a piece in need of a little TLC.